So, the reason why I won a $112 so far for the year but still busted is because I didn't play within my bankroll and I suck at cash games.  To combat this, I am using pokerstars responsible gaming feature. I have prevented myself from playing any cash games and any tourney over $0.11.  

So far, it has been working.  It eliminates the temptation of when you are on a bad run to try go to a higher stakes to make back your money quick.

Also, I used it to prevent me from playing too much.  Like today, I blocked myself from playing for 12 hours.  I have work to do besides playing, so it is good.

I wish there was a way to block yourself from trying new strategies.  My modification of Sklansky system has been working like a charm, but I keep trying to improve upon it. I will talk about it in its own blog post.