So, I made another $0.35 today.  So, things are looking good.  I will use it to play $0.11/$0.10 tournaments with the proceeds.  In the past, I have placed second in a $0.11 for $41 or so. I made a deal at the final table that is why I had the most money.  I knew my heads up game suck, so even though I had more chips, I would lose which I did.  So, the deal was great for me.


How exactly I am I doing in the pokerschool league?  Well,  I have 1669 points now.  I think I need another 300 points in 6 days.  There are 36 tournament left for the month.  I think I can score in 25% of them but I am only playing 18 of the 36.  So, at most 5 scoring opportunities.  So, I might barely make it.


My current stack is: