I would be kidding myself if i said the last year was a good year for my game - the stats don't lie.  In reality my frustration levels have grown over the past year, and it has caused me to tilt more when playing, which is not good. 

Why is this happening, I ask myself?  Well, so far i have come up with a few reasons:

1) the game is changing - players are getting better, more aggressive and willing to chase more pots.

2) I did not fully understand how the software works and how this site (and others) have made changes to allow the recreational player a better chance at beating the 'pros'.  The software we use is geared towards 32 bit computers, which have limitations on calcuating the random factor > SEED generators (in reality, we'd all need to be using supercomputers i.e. 256 bit, to truly get random results).

3) In an attempt to adjust to the new gameplay, I have tweaked my game, but have not seen the results I would like.  I have typically been a TAG player, but this style just does not seem to work online very well anymore.

4) I stopped using strict bank roll management (phrumpleton has a good blog about this running right now).

All of these factors lead to certain failure >> less enjoyment of the game, bad stats and busting the bankroll a couple of times last year.  The first 2 months of 2014 I felt like I was forcing myself to play, and got easily frustrated or just did not care about the resutls as much, feeling like I was on a runaway freight train.  So, I decided to cash out the remainder of my bankroll, and took a break for a bit (and when I say break, I mean don't even go into the client to rail or socialize > just go and do something else more enjoyable for awhile).

Reflection is good for the soul, it helps you to sort out your thoughts and 'get real' about the underlying problems.  I believe that state of mind is very important to the success of your game, so it should not be overlooked.  Acknowledgement of that to yourself is important in moving forward, in figuring out what you should do next. 

My plan is to get back to basics (bankroll managment, playing one table at a time, and focussing more on what plays I am making instead of just the end result).  Also, chosing which game to play more carefully, instead of just regging for whatever seems to be available when I want to play.  It never hurts to re-review lessons (starting hands/odds, EV, 3 and 4 betting, etc) and watching other successful players.  Freerolls are a good venue for trying out new concepts, with no risk to your bankroll (trying out a more lag style of play).  After a while, re-evaluate how things are going - see if improvements are being made, and if not, make more adjustments.  The biggest fallacy a player can make is assuming you know it all, and that the game itself is the problem, not you.  in reality, things change all the time, and we need to be able to recognise that and adjust, like most things in life. Then we can grow as players and hopefully become even better.

Until next time, good luck all on the tables