This can be a tough question to answer, depending on your current poker playing skill level.  For some of you, it will require un-learning all that poker knowledge, to get it.  The reward?  Understand the donk, be one with the donk (hehe) and maybe play like donk (on occasion).

Thankfully, I have figured out how to 'think donk' now, and will share some tips with you:

Throw away all those poker books, you don't need them.  Too much reading, paying attention, and memorizing stuff.....donks don't do that, too much effort.  As long as ya got 2 live cards, you're good to go.  Path of least resistance applies here (don't work too hard + don't expect too much = get pumped when the 'poker gods' reward my bravery).

Retire your HUD, and stats keeping.  Those fancy stats don't really matter to the donk - what does matter is seeing big pot of chippies to go after - the more in the middle, the more likely they are to chase after the pot.  We've all seen donks play extremely crappy hands, and wonder, if they are playing that like gold, what the heck are they folding?  It's really much more simple than that - I see lotsa chippies in middle, I goes for it, charge (lol).

Of course, some donks get bored easy, and can't wait for chippies to show up in the middle, so they try and start the action themselves by going all in - the more the merrier.  You can do this too sometimes, it might even be fun (lol) esp, if u win a big donk hand.  Then you get to experience what the donk is feeling (hehe).  There are lots of freerolls and real cheap tournys to try this out on.

And most importantly, keep your mind clutter free from poker info (if this is hard, try chanelling homer simpson).  A bright shiny object may also help.  Practice raising all in - this is most important skill to hone (when you find your self saying 'fold?  what is this fold button?' then you're well on your're way to thinking like true donk. 

How do I know for sure that I am thinking like donk, you may ask yourself.  You will know you thinking like true donk when you get more satisfaction out of donking others out of their chippies than when you win with a monster hand (lol).  But this power is dangerous, so be careful, use it wisely....