I can honestly say 2012 has been an interesting year for me in poker....

Early in the year I had some good success.....was final tabling alot of H/L Omaha tournys and running some good cashes in Hold Em.  I grew my br to almost $1k and was feeling pretty good about the game.  It almost seemed easy.....I felt like I was playing very well, being patient and had my luck hold at the right times.  I guess I was running some good variance then.  Got my OPR ranking up to 97% for awhile........it's far from that now.

Around May or so of this year I began running really bad with my luck/variance........literally every big pocket pair was getting crushed by lower pairs or A rag, etc.  AK never held anymore.  I was getting dominated by atc players who take their hands all the way to the river and get lucky with a flush or straight, regardless of betting.  I tried to be patient, and was playing poker for hours, grinding away, re-bulding stacks, only to get beat close to itm and knocked out - or just get inside the money, and have a monster hand crushed (I have had alot of full houses beat by better ones too - heartbreakers), producing min cashes. This, unfortunately, has not yet turned around for me - I wince now when I have to take a pot to river, because about 50% of the time i get sucked out on. 
Now it is almost 4 months later, and I fear I have developed a lingering tilt, especially over the past month.  I have watched my br go down steadily over the months, and now I have less than $20.  I just cannot seem to cash much at all anymore, and I don't think it is just the cards now.  Sure I am still getting bad luck/variance, but I think i have also gotten looser over past month - part of the tilt factor.  I have been reading The Mental Game of Poker, which has helped me to identify the tilt and how it affects my game.  But now I am struggling to find interest in the game - losing over and over sucks the fun out of it, and I am not sure how to get that back.  I have cut back and play less, and might even take a break, to see if that helps.  I used to feel like a decent TAG player, but now not so much.

I know that there are others out there, who have probably experienced the same thing at some point.....I would welcome your views on what you did to overcome the poker blues......beyond just  taking a break......perhaps there are some really good ideas that I need to try (and yea, I review the lessons, training videos, particpated in PSO, etc).   Thank you in advance for your suggestions.