The following is my submission for the 2012 Pokerstars $5,000 World Blogger Championship of Online Poker (WBCOOP).  Thank you, Pokerstars, for this wonderful opportunity.
What Would I do with $5,000?  It would be a tremendous amount of money for me to receive – the most I have earned from a tournament so far is $665 from last August in the Big $2.20.  If I were fortunate enough to win, I think I would use the funds wisely, and spread it out over several months (maybe even a year or more). 
I had to think for awhile before I decided on what I would do with the winnings.  I don't want go crazy and jump into only a handful of big tournaments. :-D
I feel the need to be somewhat prudent, yet also feel the need to splurge just a bit, and to share some of the wealth with deserving players.
So this is what I have decided to do with the $5,000 if I am fortunate enough to win the blog challenge:
$500 for the 2012 SCOOP:  I will set aside 10% or $500 to buy into one or two tournaments and use the remainder of the funds to play satellites for entry into the tournaments. I aspire to play a mid level no-limit hold ‘em, a pot limit high/low Omaha and pot limit Badugi. 
$1,000 WCOOP:  I would like to use 20% or $1,000 of the blog winnings towards 1 tournament buy-in and satellites for the the 2012 WCOOP tournaments.  At minimum, I’d like to play a no-limit hold ‘em tournament, and maybe try for an Omaha or Badugi.
$1,000 Reserve Fund:  this fund will be set aside so that I can play Pokerstars special event tournaments that are offered every now and then, and exceed my normal bankroll limits.  This way I don’t put my day to day bankroll at risk. 
$286 for Sunday storm:   I would set aside funds to play the Sunday Storm tournaments for next 6 months ($11 x 26 weeks).  
$500 PSO whitestar fund:  I would set aside $500 for rewards to deserving whitestar PSO players.  I would like to reward the players who make at least 1900 points in the open skill league, but earn less than $7.50 from the monthly leaderboard prizes.  I may even open this up to the PSO forum for ideas on how to best reward these players (i.e.  offer rewards if they come forward?  Have the players complete a challenge or quiz of some sort)?  I would, ideally, like to see this carry on for more than one month. 
$430 for a Sunday million tournaments:  this would provide buy ins for 2 Sunday Million tournaments that I would play sometime in next 2 months. 
$280 for Sunday Women’s tournaments:  this would provide enough buy ins for 5 Sunday Women’s $55 tournaments, that I would play sometime in the next 3 months.
$1,004 added to current bankroll: I mostly play MTTs, some SNGs and not many cash tables.  An increase of this size would permit me to play $10 - $20 MTT tournaments on a regular basis without a major hit to my bankroll.  This would be an increase from my current limits of $1.00 to $5.00 per tournament. 
And I would be happy to post a blog about my experience/results in the SCOOP, WCOOP, Sunday Million or $55 Women’s Sunday tournaments.
Thank you for considering my blog :wink: