Here's a little poem I came up with - hope you enjoy :lol:

Poker, what a heck of a game
Started playing & my life’s never been the same
Hi/Lo Stud and Omaha are golden
But my favourite game is Texas Hold ‘em

Which tournament will I play?
A Supernova sat next to me, hey!
It’s all the same, I’ll take his money
As long as the cards don’t get funny

I’ll confidently bet and make my play
Just one more time, I will pray
Please let me take your chips
One little mistake, and your game slips

I’ve got Aces, surely I’ll win
If not, I’ll have to take on the chin
Continuation bet after the flop
Please let the right cards drop!

Fold, bet, raise, steal....
Oh, look I’ve hit the Wheel!
Shouldn’t have made that questionable call
Too bad we can’t predict how the cards will fall!

Well, it’s over and I lost my roll
Guess it’s time to pack up and go
Oh look, a freeroll starts at half past ten
Looks like I’m gonna start all over again!