Woo Hoo!!  I just found out I finished first overall in the CDN NAPL Rookie January Leaderboard standings. Congratulations to csd0508 for finishing in 2nd place. :-D

I'm an active PSO player - have been since July 2010.  :-P

In recent months I've felt the need to explore BEYOND the PSO freerolls.... so in January I decided to focus my efforts in the NAPL.  

I knew I had patience, as I had worked on that in the many PSO tournys I played.  But I knew my game had plateaued, as I was constantly finding myself short stacked whenever I made the $$ - usually grinding it out to get there. 

Needed to change it up.  Decided to focus on patience (as usual), 'what is his/her playing range' and playing position.  Guess it paid off :-D

My stats:
- I played 26 out of 31 tournys in January - which cost $2.86 in entry fees
- I won 2 free tickets in the freerolls - reducing the entry fee cost by $.22 to $2.64
- I won a total of $36.64 in the tournaments (14/26 cashes, with 2 final tables)
- 1st place overall in January netted an additional $80

$36.64 in tourny cashes +$80 leaderboard bonus = $116.64 - $2.64 in cash paid  = $114.00 profit :-P