So here is the story about today that everyone is waiting for (I think)    Today I was gonna play in the bigger $5.50 (30k guaranteed) MTT, just for funsies and i didnt know I was gonna embark on an 7 hour adventure.   My MTT's never go past the first hour so I started this with the thought of it being the same as the freeroll, nice fast and full of donks. It started out with 3k players but because the 2 hour late registration a total of 10.230 people registered.   I was doing the occasional timing out every turn and steal some blinds now and then, chatting with Spike and playing in the open league. Had my ups and downs untill I discovered I was already playing for 2 hours.   Not knowing what was ahead of me I just played (I dont remember alot of the hands anymore thats why its a boring story )   I still know it was 150 minutes in and I said to Spike, my dinner is comming up in 30 minutes and I dont know if im gonna survive the blinds... I ended up skipping dinner and eating at 9 PM at my girlfriends house.   We were 20 people of the bubble and I get pockets K's so off course I ship it and I get called with A-rag, flop drops an A and I almost fainted. Luckily I hit a flush on the river. Lucky me    The longer I kept going in the tournament the more people on teamspeak were rooting for me and watching my table. I love how every hand that i played ran through a live hand analasys (note: nobody helped me in making my decisions, opinions were dealt after the cards were played)   I was very short stacked and I remember Chilli (I hope I write it right) and Spike telling me that you can still get up with a short stack so I won twice in a row when i waited long enough.   After that I waited a long time again but never got the cards, once the big blind took 1/4th of my stack I went all-in with 47S and lost to a straight.   I checked in my mailbox and this is what I found:     PokerStars Tournament #544010287, No Limit Hold'em Buy-In: $5.00/$0.50 USD 10354 players Total Prize Pool: $51770.00 USD  Tournament started 2011/10/30 14:00:00 CET [2011/10/30 9:00:00 ET]     Dear XxTiberxX,   You finished the tournament in 147th place. A USD 56.94 award has been credited to your Real Money account.     So thanks for all the support guys it was a truly wonderfull education experience