Started by turning on teamspeak, it was very enjoyable. Spike was there and razzys. Opened up 4 x fifty50's, a table of razzys and at the end the open league freeroll.

Spike has no money and wants to wait untill the open freeroll pays out so he was watching most of my tables. His advice was very appreciated and the humor was deffinately in there.

More people kept joining teamspeak, I played some good SNG's after 30 minuts I got my first downswing but the guys and girls at teamspeak dragged me through it. When razzys was done playing I opened up a 5th 50fifty so I always had 6 tables open.

After I finished 262 (my highest ever!) in the open League and gained 65.01 points, i decided to play out all my SNG's and look at my profit/loss.

I've had my ups and downs in the SNG's and ended with 0.08 loss and 20 VPP won so it's kind of even. I've enjoyed this part very much and learned and laughed alot with Spike and anyone else.

So I decided to try something else, cash tables. opened up 4 x 0.02/0.05 tables with minimum buy-in of 2 dollars each. I got pocket kings and bet 4 BB, 2 players called me, flop drops and gives me a set! So i decided I had the best hand and slow play it and just check. The guy behind me hits a set of 2s' and bets a big ammount. The third guy hit a straight draw and decided to go all-in. I raised all-in and the other guy calls. showdowns commences and I win a pot of 5 dollars!

After seeing how the blinds keep eating me on the other tables I make risky all-in moves and get called twice and lost. At the end i figured out cash tables arent really my thing. I enjoy playing SNG's more and left the tables with a total loss of 1 dollar.

Spike recommended me to watch the Spacegravy SNG videos in the archive, so thats what I did when waiting for the next Open league and while playing it. ended 2243 there with 0.01 points lost. Watched Spike playing for a while before i decided to end the evening and go to bed.