Not going to lie, at the start of this week I had some very bad sessions. It kept me from posting early in the week. I lost quite a few all-in preflop where I was the favourite and lost big pots on the river card. These did affect my bankroll, but what affected my bankroll the most was me tilting. I just made lots of poor calls.

I ended up trying to play a couple $.50 stt and I played a few heads-up hyper turbos. They didn't go aweful, but I think I am sticking with my plan to play only cash games.

I have realised at 2nl if the othe player is being aggressive they usually got it, and it isn't worth the call for the times that you might have the best hand. My tilt dropped me down to $183.

Some good news is that I made chromestar for this month today. After a good session yesterday and today I am back over $195.

There was a interesting spot I was in were i would raise in late position and the same guy would keep 3 betting me everytime from the blinds. I respected his raise probably 4-5 times in a single session. And that's when I looked and seen I had pocket kings in late position. And who was in the BB? Yep, the same guy who has 3bet me every time I raise. I bet 3 bb, he 3bet and I shoved my KK. He flips AA. I don't think I played it wrong, but thats the one that started my downfall. Sometimes it is hard not to be results oriented.

Hopefully this weekend and next week I can stay off the tilt-a-whirl.

Good luck at the tables!