Hello Peoples!


I'm keeping this blog to document my run at grinding up a bankroll to one day hopefully play higher stakes.  I plan on posting trouble hands and my results so hopefully I can get some constructive criticism to help me improve my game.

About me:

I'm 30 years old, Living in Canada Ontario.  Playing casually online and live.  This is my first attempt at building a real poker bankroll. In the past when I won I would take the profits and go buy something for myself lol, and when I lost I would wait a while before returning to the poker tables to recover from the blow. I'm no where near a expert player, probably not even really "good" but that's why I'm here to try and learn and have fun.

Stakes: 2NL, able to play 6 tables comfortably (sometimes only 4) full ring.

Starting Br: $25 That I had sitting in my account for a couple of months.

Current Br: $79

Here is my results sheet from my trial of poker tracker.



- I'm using the trail of Poker Tracker 4 (5 days left) My goal was to show a profit at the end of the trial and I would go ahead and purchase the micro stakes version of the software (out of pocket)

- When my BR reaches $120 I'm going to give NL5 a try and see how it goes.