poker is a game of skill and of course you need lady luck on your side to win tournaments i was playing the 100k freeroll a couple of weeks ago and went in deep.but i was faced with some tough  situations.i always played  my hands with a great deal of thought, i had AK just before the bubble i had a raise from under the gun a call from 2 more i just called from the button just played it cautious because this table was loose some real charectors,big blind reraises all in,what really i thought what will be in his range but this guy has been playing really loose he was healthy chip stacked so what is he playing at i thought,then i had under the gun all in really you got to be kidding but this guy has been playing tight and usually under the gun raise when you got the whole table to act does mean he won't be raising or calling all in bets with air, i folded did not want a confrontation and bubble for 14 cent when i was really playing well and built my stack with patients and hard graft. the big blind had QJ diamonds under the gun has AA wow i made a good lay down anyone else would have called in my spot.but the AA got cracked from a straight 9 10 6 flop turn K. the luck factor to win tournaments you need to get lucky in some flips, got really deep last 18 really short stack about 145k, blinds were killing me and people raising and stealing blinds got pocket 44 went all in to my surprise picked a worse time to shove got 3 callers AJ AK JJ wow really got to be the unluckiest player but you need luck and to win a couple of coin flips to win a tournament flop comes 2 4 5 got a smile on my face then had to sweat the turn and river wow survived and got my stack up to to final table  9th position really short 238k blinds 20k 40k 7k antes,under the gun i picked up A9 hearts went all in got 3 callers you got to be kidding me,but hold on thats cool if i win i will be up  a million in chips  and up to 4th.up against AK spades, KK ,88  flop comes A 6 7 turn 9 had to sweat the river wow up to a million in chips.the guy with the KK got busted he was f and c me in chat ok thats cool took it on the chin and dusted my self down. blinds were getting to last 4 this is were the real money came in first place $218 second  $156 got down to 680k in chips blinds and antes were a killer 40k 80k, 16k antes and getting bigger and bigger. under the gun i picked up A7 hearts all in make or break time 2 callers QQ AQ wow not again i said to myself i have been so lucky up until now with my flips has my kuck finally ran out need a miracle,flop Ac 9h 6h turn 8c got 14 15 outs boommm nut flush on the river up to  2nd  in chips 3 left. a few hands down the line in the big blind picked up pocket 99 got a raise all in from the small blind 1.3 million i had about 1.9 million 2nd in chips know blinds and antes are ridicules at this stage. and his range could be any 2, loose this flip and i am out i will be short stacked and hard to come back win this and in a strong position to win the tournament,made the call wow AJ two overs to my 99 come on i said to myself  got to get this to hold.flop A J 4 oh my god really you got to be kidding me need a miracle 3 outer my hopes were dashed on the turn Q screaming to myself come on 9999999999999 boooommmm river 9 got really lucky good game i said to the player as he left he chatted thats poker and good luck he said really good sportsmanship no bad vibe or cursing.heads up back and forth playing pots nothing to scary until i i got pocket 44 in the big blind the guy shoves all in hold on we were playing some good poker up until this point faced with a tough desicion i folded he shows me his hand JJ nice one that gives me information and i made a good lay down.blinds and antes are ridiculas at this stage.deep in heads up i am in small blind looked down at AK i raised the guy shoves i do have him coverd i snapped called wow AQ, realy good shape to be sure K would be nice flop K 9 6 wow turn 9 boommm what a game. the guy said good game well played, ty you to i said.what a roller coaster of a tournament from the bubble to the last 18 and to go and winning it but lady luck did play a big factor in my back was up against the wall most of the final table and under pressure from other players,made some tough lay downs and some tough calls the biggest factor was the flips came in my favour from a uderdog to top dog.


 emailed pokerstars for the tournament info touny ID 1185202381


1  XXKISMATTXX $218.20  
2  QUANTUM UT $156.55  
3  LGthesting $113.48  
4  KLouhan   $75.18  
5  komik3000 $58.15  
6  viny12   $43.97  
7  JN46  $30.49  
8  ROGO0  $17.02  
9  Redrag61 $10.99

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