winning is easy but not losing is hard say you are low stakes micro stakes 5 cents 10 cents today I was playing 12 tables at once after 399 hands my profit was $1.60 could easily have been $4 or even $6 but I have yet to learn when to fold properly typically a hand is 3 versus 1 so 5+5+5+5 then flop 5+5+5 one bails then 10+10 another bails then 10 + maybe a fold that is 65 cents or in poker parlance 13 bets so a typical win would be 8 to 16 bets now I'm on 12 tables so you would see maybe 4 other flops that's 4 bets so 16 minus 4 and now my win is really 12 bets now I get AA flop is AK 9 Q3 now since its AA preflop is 4 bets 5+5+5 +5 with 3 others calling so now you got 4 bets + 4bets + 4bets + 4bets flop is 1+1+1+1 turn is 1+1+1 and 1+1+1 and 1+1+1 and 1 fold so river is 4 bets + 4 bets + 1 fold so my bets = 17 bets now pick your poison AA which becomes AAA is beaten by flush or a straight previously my total wins were 12 bets now I lose 17 bets net loss of 5 bets and that's the rub net loss of 5 bets due to a suck out suck outs not really suck outs most hands are 60 40 even 80 % to 20% can lose so what to do by 4 betting AA preflop it gives 3 other players pot odds to draw to the end also by playing any given hand a massive number of bets you increase your chance to lose especially with a lot of callers an even better example may be AA with flop of 678 .and turn of 9 yet AA wont fold even in presence of heavy action its the heavy action combined with a loss that can lead to 100 hands worth of profit to vanish in 1 hand to me its never worth it to lose 100 hands of profit in 1 hand far easier to amass 4 bet wins through good play than to try to win 1 massive hand which can and does often lead to a massive loss preflop is 4 bets flop is 4 bets turn is 8 bets river is 8 bets so 24 bets max but average hand is more like 1+1+2+2 or 6 bets 6 bets versus 24 bets can equal a huge win or a huge loss how ever when its a huge loss time lost and 100's of hands wasted is painful well I hope the concept is clear I guess variance increases greatly if you go from 6 bets to 24 bets in 1 hand learning to fold or put on the brakes in a hotly contested hand typically leads to greater profits in my experience still I failed to do that 4 times in 399 hands + profit went from $6 to basically $2 at 5 cent 10 cent level hope this helps keep in mind pros claim that a win rate on limit is like 1 to 2 bets per hour so playing any 24 bet hand can = a huge time investment at those stakes