Alright, another here we go again, another 4 Tables at 5NL 6Max, here we go once again, and let's do it. Ugh, just having some bad hands where they are not hitting, and it is okay. Ugh. It is okay, just being positive. Wow, just got unlucky, because I had middle pair and against top pair, and then in the end, missed my two pair draw when a three across came out twice, and they were both 8s. Ugh. Wow, just tormented this time around. Apparently, I think that I start to get really far ahead, and then am just crushed repeatedly. It is horrible. Here are the stats. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $26.40 loss. HANDS FOR SESSION: 139 CURRENT BANKROLL: $178.72 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 7128 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL 6MAX: 147 TOTAL HANDS AT 2PLO 6MAX: 104 TOTAL HANDS AT 5NL: 21323 TOTAL HANDS AT 5NL 6MAX: 635 TOTAL HANDS AT 5PLO 6MAX: 38