A new day is upon us, and it is going to be the same classic phenomenal poker playing that I have been accustomed to. 12 more tables at 5NL, so let's do it. Nice, was able to get Pocket Aces all-in pre-flop against Pocket Queens, and it worked out well. Wow, made a nice call with A-10 on an A-9-8 board. Opponent shoved all-in, and I called and they held 10-9. Whew. Lucky. Well, that was a nice little session. A little quick, but honestly, I think that those are better, just hit them, get as much as I can, and go. Who knows, so far it is working. Let's take a look at the stats. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $3.91 profit. HANDS FOR SESSION: 271 CURRENT BANKROLL: $230.30 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 7128 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL 6MAX: 147 TOTAL HANDS AT 5NL: 15950