Alright, so I have taken a breathe, and realized that it is not me, and that I knew that it was the bad beats that were getting me, because I was playing a lot of strong hands, so, we will see where this goes then. 12 more tables at 5NL. Here we go. Whew, just made a straight on the River to take down a nice pot. Darn it, just ran Kings into Aces. Ugh. Wow, just cooler after cooler. Overpair against a flopped straight flush. Wow. Sick. Going to get out once again and going to take a look at this again. I think that I am going to go to non-fast tables now, and try it there. I think that might work out better. Alright, well here are the updated stats. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $9.47 loss. HANDS FOR SESSION: 148 CURRENT BANKROLL: $209.00 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 7128 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL 6MAX: 147 TOTAL HANDS AT 5NL: 12884