Alright, so after reading some stuff at work today, I decided that there was some changes that I am going to make. The first is my layout, as it is now at a 4 Tables on top spread layout with 12 Tables running now instead of 10. This way, I am able to move up to 16 Tables when I am feeling that the time is right. So, let's see how this one will go now. Okay, so far it is a little tough, but I think that I am trying to do too much again. Back to ABC poker. Just another two outer against me, ugh. Playing some good poker now, but not being rewarded. Wow, just having people hit all sorts of funky hands on me. It is okay, nothing bad will come of this. Ugh, not my Aces get cracked. Uh, just going to take a break now. Okay, that was a little rough, and honestly it was lots of coolers that did it to me, because I was playing some really good poker, but could not get away from them. Here are the stats. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $11.45 loss. HANDS FOR SESSION: 431 CURRENT BANKROLL: $218.47 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 7128 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL 6MAX: 147 TOTAL HANDS AT 5NL: 12736