Okay, not a good night at bowling tonight, but we are going to try and change this around again, and let's see what we can do this time around. Here we go, 10 tables at 5NL with ABC Poker. Wow, really slow night at the tables, took forever to get one full, and then the second one filled up decently quick. Waiting to see how the rest of them go. Made a nice call with an underpair and hit the set on the Turn, only to be flushed away on the River. Ugh. Then compounded the error by stacking off against a short stack who had flopped two pair. Starting to make a comeback on some tables. Had Pocket Kings hold up against two under cards that flopped a pair. Wow, just got a nice donation. I made a pre-flop raise on the Button with Pocket Aces. It went call, call, shove from the UTG for about $4. I snap called and he held 10-7. Wow. Ouch, so the last two pots have killed me. Had a full house on the Turn with the board reading J-J-9-9. I shoved on my opponent who called with K-J and I held Q-J. King on the River. Ugh. The next hand I had I had A-K and made a massive raise pre-flop with it to $0.55 to thin out the limpers from the SB. I had two callers, and the Flop comes A-J-3. I put the other shorties all-in, and they both call. One held a set of 3s, the other held a gutshot straight draw, which got there on the Turn. Wow, just murder. But still happy with my plays. Wow, was just able to get Pocket Jacks to hold up against A-K pre-flop for an all-in pot. Whew. Just made a great fold when I folded my Queen high flush draw to two players with all-in. Lucky. One player had a King high flush draw. Whew. Starting to make that run back up to profit town. Train is coming. Eh, had Pocket 6s catch a straight on my Pocket Jacks on the River. Vindication, just hit a flush to get back to evenish for the session. Wow, sick sick game. And playing ABC Poker still. Wow, an eventful session, and in the end, I was a little bit ahead, so I can't complain. Plus, on the next session, I will clear the first $50 VIP Stellar Reward for 5000 yearly FPPs. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $1.02 profit. HANDS FOR SESSION: 468 CURRENT BANKROLL: $156.32 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 7128 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL 6MAX: 147 TOTAL HANDS AT 5NL: 10892