Alright, so starting up the evening sessions, and here we go once more, hopefully this one will be a nice little one again as we get started with 4 Tables of 5NL. Let's go! Once again, starting out 4 Tables and get the same player on all four tables. Really love this in a way,and hate it at the same time. Nothing too exciting, just some basic pre-flop play with raising a lot of blinds, but nothing too big. Once again, nothing too big honestly, although I am really starting to pick up some hands on this one opponent across the 4 tables. Was able to raise with A-K suited pre-flop to 4x the BB, and able to get one caller. The Flop came K-8-2. He checked and I fired out a $0.30 bet. He called. Turn came an Ace. He checked, and I fired a $1.25 bet. He called. River came an 8, and he checked again. I put him all-in, and he folded. Ugh. Was able to pick up a nice little pot with Ace high when I made a nice raise pre-flop with A-9 off-suit and was able to get three callers. flop came Queen high (Q-3-2), and I made a bet of $1 after it checked all the way around to me on the button. I got the short-stack donkey to call me, and then go all-in for his last $0.50 on the Turn when the Jack came off. I called, and he held 5-4. Brick on the River and nice little pot. Ouch, hit a flush on the River when the board paired, and the opponent held the Full House. ugh. need to think those out first. Wow, that was just silly. Called an all-in pre-flop with Pocket 3s. Ugh. stupid stupid stupid play. Not thinking straight anymore and it is costing me, just dumped off my profit on one table. Wow, that was not good, mostly ahead for the session and just then crashed hard. Ugh, can't let that happen again. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $7.08 loss HANDS FOR SESSION: 292 CURRENT BANKROLL: $156.60 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 7128 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL 6MAX: 147 TOTAL HANDS AT 5NL: 5219