Okay, so starting out the game again, and let's see how this will go once again with all of this with a new day, and a new focus once more. So, starting off the day again with 4 Tables of 5NL. Wow, the table of short-stackers to start this day out. Out of the 7 players at the table at this current juncture, 5 of them are short-stackers. (Remember that means that they buy-in for the minimum.) Nice, so I get another player to play me across 3 tables this time, and once again, he is a lot tighter than the other guy. Was able to catch a full house on the river and stack someone when they had a straight on the Turn. Was able to get a short-stack to commit with K-10 pre-flop for his entire $2 stack. I 3-bet very strong with Pocket Jacks, and he was not able to hit a King. Okay, so the first time that I have decided to sit out every table to grab something worked out beautifully, because I have some really juicy tables, and I did not want to give this up at all. Just was a little worried when I had the King high flush that I hit on the River, and I thought that he could have either the full house or the Ace high flush. He ended up having a Jack high flush. Whew. Bang, nice little last hand of the session to go out on. I had Pocket 7s UTG, and decide to limp in. 4 others limp in, and the Flop comes A-K-7 with two spades and one heart. It checks around to me, and I fire $0.10. It folds around to the button, and he decides to make it $0.30. Everyone else folds, and I call. The Turn comes the Jack of hearts. I check, and he fires out $0.40 of his remaining $2.70ish. I decide to raise here and see if he will stick it all-in. I make it $1.40, and he shoves all-in, and I call. He has A-J, and I dodge the River, and scoop a nice little pot at the end. Nice little session again, just am playing some phenomenal poker, and honestly waiting to see what will happen if I ever get back into the live game at a casino, but that is still some time away at this point. So, here are the stats. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $13.03 profit HANDS FOR SESSION: 207 CURRENT BANKROLL: $176.14 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 7128 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL 6MAX: 147 TOTAL HANDS AT 5NL: 3969