Okay, so a new session, and starting this one up again with another 4 table 5NL session. So, let's see how this goes. One table I get punished with A-Q and the other one I get rewarded. Net even on that. Hit a straight on the Turn against someone with an overpair, and they were committing their entire stack to the pot. Lucky me. Was able to get lucky with a donkey who decided to start shoving all-in every hand, and I called him with A-Q off-suit. He held 6-4 off-suit, and I was able to hit an Ace on the Turn to seal that $10+ pot. Eh, that one I did get burned on, he held A-K when I had K-Q. This time it was only $2.50, so that is why I did it. Eh, I had Pocket Queens once again take another short-stack, however the big hand that I had was Pocket 9s, and the Flop comes Q-10-9, and I had the maniac in the pot again. I ended up min-raising his $4 bet into a $1 pot. The third player in the pot called for his stack, and I was able to get the maniac all-in drawing dead, but I had to fill up, because the third player held the nut straight with K-J. I could not, so all in all, I lost about a $1 on the hand, can't complain. Once again, am doing pretty decently so far. Ahead on three tables, but the fourth one I am down just a little. Not too shabby. Gah. I had a nice hand against someone, but in the end, the card that I thought did really well for me was actually the worst card for me. I held Pocket 7s on a Turn board of Q-6-3-7. I led out on the Flop after calling a pre-flop raise 3x the BB. I ended up firing $0.25, and the shorty who built up a stack called. The Turn hit, and I fired a $1, and he min-raised to $2. I called, because I thought he hit the straight. The River brought a Queen, and I filled up, and I called his shove, because i thought that he had the straight and was trying to get me to pay him off with 3 Queens. He held Q-6. Eh, that was a $10 pot. It happens. Still ahead for the session, so can't complain too much. Okay, so I had a lucky break and then got it taken away when I had Q-J, and the Flop came K-J-3. I called a bet of $0.30, and hit a Jack on the Turn. He fired out $0.60 and I made it $2. He called. River was a King, and I checked, and he bet out, I had to fold. But hey, got it back when my runner-runner flush came in after I flopped an open-end straight draw. Turnabout is fair. All-in-all I think that this was a great session, even if I had the two huge hands that lost. Can't complain too much, especially with these stats and that happening. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $6.40 profit. HANDS FOR SESSION: 246 CURRENT BANKROLL: $147.18 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 7128 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL 6MAX: 147 TOTAL HANDS AT 5NL: 3102