Good news everyone. Okay, been watching too much Futurama recently, but honestly, who cares, we are getting ready once again. Another 5NL 10 Table Session is upon us, and we are gearing up, so here we go. Ugh. Just lost a huge pot that I should have folded A-K suited pre-flop away early in the hand. Ugh. Wow, just getting killed right now. Trying to relax, and I am playing good. Okay, so a lot of hands again, and honestly, it did work out again, but I am not going to be trying to rely on this. Eh, can't complain too much. Here are the stats. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $2.64 profit. HANDS FOR SESSION: 410 CURRENT BANKROLL: $127.34 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 7115 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL 6MAX: 147 TOTAL HANDS AT 5NL: 2536