Okay, so I saw the craziness with that one before, so I figured, do I think that I can do it at 5NL really quickly, and honestly, I think that it can work out just as well, but there is no way without trying. Honestly, I do feel lot more confident than I did the first time, but we will see from here. I am not going to do 20 tables, but I am going to do 10 tables, so here we go. The 5NL tables that start out really do take a while to fill up, but once they start, they don't stop till they are full. Had two hands right off the bat at these tables. I was able to dodge a flush draw while this opponent called me all the way down. Another hand had me holding top pair, and when the opponent led out on the Flop, I was confused, and raised him back, he called, and when I fired another shell on the Turn when I hit two pair, and he called, I was really starting to get worried. The river brought a four card straight, and I checked, and he held the same top pair, but a lower kicker. I had A-Q and he had A-J. Whew. Wow, so I didn't realize that I did that long of a session, but my god, it was intense, and honestly, I started by watching to see how I was doing, and I would go up a few bucks, and then be even, and up a few bucks, and even, but let's see where it ended at. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $14.66 profit. HANDS FOR SESSION: 649 CURRENT BANKROLL: $126.63 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 6567 TOTAL HANDS AT 5NL: 813