Okay, so for the 40th session I know that I said I was going to wait to move up, but honestly, I am going to just try and take a shot at 5NL. I am only going to play 2 tables, but I think that this is something that I just need to do, so hopefully it will work out and won't put me any deeper in the hole. The big thing that I noticed right away is that it is really hard to start a 5NL full-ring game. Just made another donkey play when I called an all-in with top pair on the board of 7s, and the opponent had Pocket 10s. Ugh. Starting to change it around now and playing some hands decently and getting paid off as well. Okay, well now that I have pulled my head out of the place that I don't like talking about, I am starting to play some phenomenal poker, and we are starting to make a dent. I seem to have that one session every once in a while that just kicks me in the ass, and honestly, I really need to avoid those, but hey, who knows, it has to happen. There we go, just got the stack back a little bit there. Was able to get a short-stack to commit when I hit a straight on the river. Boom boom boom. Ugh, never mind there. Just flopped 3 10s with a weak kicker, and had another player who had the other 10 with a better kicker. Now down for the session. Ugh. Made a nice little bluff on the river when I did not connect with anything, apparently he did not have anything either. A straight draw had come in, but it could have been a 5 as well, and I was just calling him down anyways, so it was definitely a little bit of luck there. Getting ready to go in the last rounds on both tables, and honestly, the swings were not too bad, but I think that I need to wait till I get to $150 before I do this again. Wow, so I could have been really ahead, but unfortunately I had some donkey who is playing way too many hands call with 5-3 of clubs and hit a flush on the Flop, but I could not connect on the Turn or River to out flush him. Okay, so I was going to quit a little while ago, but I think that I am going to go a few more rounds, because I am starting to get them again, and I think that i can get back the money that I lost without endangering more of it. Just hit a set on the River against a flush draw that hit the board. Honestly, I wasn't too sure, because he called my bet on the Flop, but he ended up having top pair on the Flop. Rule #1, don't bluff the donkey. Dumb move. Okay, so this was just bad, kept trying to call down the donkey who was hitting all sorts of different hands, but honestly, it could be worse. I could have no money left, but now, no shots at 5NL until I hit $150. So, here is the damage. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $11.51 loss. HANDS FOR SESSION: 164 CURRENT BANKROLL: $107.47 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 6132 TOTAL HANDS AT 5NL: 164