Alright, back to 2 tables, and just watched some Poker After Dark, so hopefully my mind is clear now and everything should be good once again. Just frustrating, but I know that I am not playing my best right now either. Starting to see a lot of repeat customers now, so that is starting to make me good. Although I don't have a lot of notes on them yet, I am starting to get there. I love when you can call a pre-flop raise with J-8, and it comes with a gut-shot straight draw for you. From there, you all check on the Flop, and when the Turn comes, they give you enormous odds to hit the hand, but instead you hit your bottom pair, and end up winning the hand. Love it! Just got lucky in a pot. Called a 6x pre-flop raise with A-3 of diamonds. One other player called, and the Flop came A-4-2 with one diamond. I checked, second player checked, and the original raiser fired out $0.20. I called, and the other player folded. The Turn comes the 7 of diamonds, and I checked, and now he fired out $0.51. I called, and the river came the 9 of diamonds giving me the nuts. I looked at the pot, which was $1.70 and I had $1.80. I fired it all-in, and he called me with A-J. Lucky me to hit the running flush cards. So, just had a nice hand. I called a pre-flop raise out of the BB with K-Q off-suit with one club. The Flop came Q-J-4 with two clubs. I checked and he first a min-bet. So, I made it $0.10 and he made a min-raise and I called. The Turn came the Queen of clubs putting three clubs on the board, and I have the King of clubs. I checked again, and he fired another min-bet; This time I made a raise to $0.20, and he just called. The River was the perfect card, the Queen of spades giving me four of a kind. I had about $1.60ish left in my stack so I fired out $0.80, and he decided to shove on me, and I snap called. He had A-J. Boom boom boom. Well, that was definitely a decent session, and honestly, I know I am going to say this now and it is going to change, but I am liking sticking to two tables and just going from there, but I know that is not going to last forever. I might go with 4 at some point in a little while, but right now, just going to relax and enjoy the rush. So, here is the update PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $4.69 profit. HANDS FOR SESSION: 85 CURRENT BANKROLL: $118.70 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 5809