Okay, so that last one was just a little bit crazy, but in the end, it did end up not being that bad there when I said it was all done. Although, honestly, it doesn't give me a chance to be as creative as I like to be, and honestly, I like that better, and I know how to grind very well, just need to work on the advance stuff in the end. So, here we go once again. Nothing too big honestly, there has been a few hands that have gone good and bad, but nothing too big. I did make a bad value bet on the River when I hit two pair. He already had a better two pair. I did have a flush draw with that hand, but never connected. Did make a good call with an Ace high against a flush draw and gut-shot straight draw. Just a lot a decent pot with A-9 vs. A-J. The donkey snap-called me with top pair and his kicker. Overall, it is going okay, just need to relax, because everything is going to work out. Flopped the second nuts and had an opponent who had flopped a set. He hit the Full House on the Turn. Ugh. Wow, just keep getting some big hands, but nothing is coming from them. Oi. Got lucky with 6-4. I raised it pre-flop, and got two callers. The Flop comes Q-6-4. I bet out, and get one caller. The Turn comes a J, and I push all-in, and the one player who called on the Flop calls with Q-10. Brick on the River and I get lucky. Called a pre-flop raise with A-K off-suit, and was able to get 4 people in the pot. The flop comes A-K-J with two spades. I check, and it goes back to the pre-flop raiser. With $0.50 in the pot, he bets out $0.30. I call, and we also get one more caller. The Turn comes an 8 of spades. Everyone checks, and the river comes an off-suit 4. I fire $1 out and get both players to fold. Boom. All-in-all, just trying to get back to even if I am able to do so. Right now, I know that the problem is that I am trying too hard on a lot of these tables, and that I am trying to make too many things happen. Have had a few big pocket pairs, but unfortunately I am getting outflopped with a lot of them. It happens. Can't worry too much. Made a nice little play with the 7-5 of clubs. I called a pre-flop raise to $0.10 out of the BB with the hand after one other had called. The flop comes J-10-4 with two clubs. I checked, and then the original better fired out $0.15, the other guy folded, and I called, and the pot was heads up. The turn comes a 6 giving me extra outs. I check, and he bets $0.20, and I raise him back to $0;70, and he puts me all-in, and I call. He has A-Q off-suit, and I get lucky and hit a 5 on the River. Boom Ugh. Slowplaying Pocket Kings killed me, because a guy I had hit a set on the Flop, and played it perfectly, and got doubled-up by me. Ugh. Wow, so that hand just killed me, and honestly, I am probably not playing my best. Need to probably get a good night of sleep, come back at it in the morning, and just go crazy. I don't know when I am going to take a shot at 5NL now, especially if I am playing this bad right now. Ugh, just need to relax, and honestly it is going to go better. It can't get any worse, can it? PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $6.74 loss. HANDS FOR SESSION: 341 CURRENT BANKROLL: $120.12 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 5636