Okay, so 30 sessions are in the book, and looking back starting on this however long ago, which I believe was last Wednesday, I have had some really good days and one bad day mixed in there. All in all, it is definitely been a little bit of a crazy time, but let's take a look at those stats now. Date: June 9th Hands: 51 Profit/Loss: $3.55 BB/100: 174.02 Date: June 10th Hands:395 Profit/Loss: $4.92 BB/100: 31.14 Date: June 11th Hands: 258 Profit/Loss: $2.76 BB/100: 26.74 Date: June 12th Hands: 634 Profit/Loss: $5.87 BB/100: 23.15 Date: June 13th Hands: 1201 Profit/Loss: $15.27 BB/100: 31.79 Date: June 14th Hands: 1660 Profit/Loss: -$4.44 BB/100: -6.69 Date: June 15th Hands: 570 Profit/Loss: $0.79 BB/100: 3.46 Okay, so the numbers have toned down a little bit, but honestly, I think that it is working out really well overall with everything, and if we keep it going, I think that everything is going to work out fine, and honestly, we will start to see the beginning of the 5NL shots very soon, and who knows? Maybe I could soon be taking shots at 10NL?