Okay, refocused, reenergized, and ready to go this time. Nothing is going to stand in my way this time. Was able to win a pot with 9-6 suited when the Jack paired on the river that was on the board, lucky nice little hand to pick up a pot and get against one of my opponents. It is a really good feeling when you can sense a player for being weak, and just put them on that weakness, and from there, be able to just punish them when they get out of line. I had A-K and raised it pre-flop. Got everyone to call, which was 4 players. I had seen this player in particular call off a huge all-in with Q-3 off-suit. Flop comes K-Q-4. And I made a big bet pre-flop, and he raised it, I shoved on him, and he called, and he had Q-3 again. Brick. Brick. And it was over there for a nice pot. I also had A-K vs. A-K pre-flop, and the opponent hit a flush on his, and then had A-10 vs. Pocket 8s, and lost that one. Breathe, good things will happen to me. Was able to get a player to put some money in when I hit the nut flush on the River. As well, this same guy was able to stick his whole $2.50+ stack in pre-flop with A-Q off-suit. I had Pocket Queens, and was able to dodge the bullets. Another hand I had was when I raised it pre-flop with A-K, and another player 3-Bet pre-flop with Pocket Queens. I called, and the Flop came K-3-3. I checked to him, he bet, and I then check-raised him all-in. From there, I was able to get him then and the Turn and River bricked. Lucky me. All in all, this was an amazing session, and even though I lost two buy-ins at one table, I was able to make that back and more. Lucky me. Here are the stats after the first 25 sessions, BAM! PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $4.16 profit. HANDS FOR SESSION: 116 CURRENT BANKROLL: $124.02 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 3529