Alright, so we are going to start this one again, and we are going to do this right. Hopefully this time the cards will cooperate. Ugh, not good as well, I have players willing to commit their stacks pre-flop with Pocket 4s. Starting to play a little bad. Called a decent size all-in with K-Q off-suit. Opponent had Pocket Jacks, but got lucky on the Flop and hit a King, and he bricked out from there. Lucky me. Wow, so that nice little lucky pot has played a good effect on my game. I have started to calm down and am starting to read better. Oi, you know sometimes it takes a little thing like that to do it. Was also able to get Pocket 10s to hold up against A-J suited when I hit Quads on the Turn. Oi, and then as good as it get, the bottom just falls out, and I continue to make stupid play and stupid play. Most of it was on Pocket 10s that I shoved all-in pre-flop against Pocket Queens. Ugh. The big problem that I am seeing right now is that I am playing abut 40% of the hands at a table. Honestly, I would like to be in the 15-25% range. It would be going a lot better than. But honestly, this is the worse session that I have had, and on top of a bad session before, it makes me want to do well in the next session even more. So, let's see the damage. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $8.15 loss. HANDS FOR SESSION: 181 CURRENT BANKROLL: $119.48 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 2835