Okay, so through the next five sessions, I was really able to analyze my play, and notice that I was trying to make too many plays at pots, and was able to try and just relax and let the cards come my way. It worked out beautifully in a lot of pots, because I was able to get a lot of players to commit with some hands that were inferior to mine, and then I was able to draw out in a few spots. Overall, this was definitely the biggest jump in the bankroll ladder, and gaining 16 Buy-Ins is nothing short of amazing in just over 2500 hands. I honestly don't think that my goal of 5000 hands at 2NL to get to move up to 5NL is going to happen, but hey, at the beginning,. I definitely said that it was going to be a challenge to do that. So, hopefully I can keep the good times rolling, and another 5 sessions will soon be done, and we will be able to look back at them, and realize that it is only a matter of time before we get to 5NL.