Well, this is the last session of the day for me, but hopefully we will continue off the snide that we were on earlier in the day and finish this one out as strong as I did the other ones. Lost two big pots right away. Got a shorter stack to commit with Pocket 10s vs. my A-Q off-suit. No good there. As well, I had top pair and a flush draw against a made straight. Eh, it happens. Have one player on my left at a table who likes to raise the pots pre-flop by like at least 20X, and when I had one other caller in a pot, I called with 10-9 of spades. Flop missed me and I bailed out, Ugh. Not good to be doing that. Wow, that was just sick. I raised it UTG with A-J off-suit to $0.06. I get one caller, and then a shorty shoves for an extra $0.15. I call and the other player does as well. The flop comes J-9-6 with two hearts, and I shove on the other player to get them out of the pot. They snap call with bottom two pair. Wow, can't believe that one, until the Ace on the Turn, and the brick on the river. Sick sick sick. Just lucky sometimes. The other player actually had 7-4 off-suit BTW. Wow, another sick one. I raised it with A-Q suited pre-flop to my standard 3X the BB. I get a few calls, and then the flop comes A-9-8 with two clubs. I am holding A-Q of clubs BTW. The SB bets out $0.16, which is about two-thirds the pot with 4 callers. I smooth call, and gets down to us two. The turn comes a 10, and he bets out $0.20 now. I am still feeling good, so I call. The river comes a Q, which is not my favorite, but I think that I might have the best hand still. He bets out $0.30, and I tank for a minute, and call him. He shows A-9. Wow, that was lucky. Wow, a lot of lucky hands this session, but no really big blow-ups other than the two pots at the beginning of the session. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $1,22 profit. HANDS FOR SESSION: 99 CURRENT BANKROLL: $133.45 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 2538