Alright, so the batteries have been recharged, and I feel like I am ready for great things today. Even though I did have that one bad session, I know that overall, I am still ahead, and honestly for yesterday I was ahead, and that just makes me happy. So, I am going to keep going on this 3 Table spree, because I can see everything, and it is a lot easier to read my PokerTracker 3 HUD. So, off we go. First hand, was able to get someone to commit on a Flop of A-7-2 with Pocket 8s, I had A-Q off-suit out of the BB. Nothing to huge honestly to speak of, I was able to hit a flush on the River against three others and was able to get one player to pay off with two pair for a decent bet. Probably doubled my profit on that specific table. The big thing that I have noticed at even the "Fast" tables at 2NL on Sunday mornings is that they move really slow. Kind of sickly slow honestly. Overall other than those few hands, nothing too huge. I did full a Set on the Flop, but I would have made the Set on the Turn. LOL. Eh, that is how it runs sometimes. And after that exciting run, here are the updated standings. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $3.13 profit HANDS FOR SESSION: 110 CURRENT BANKROLL: $122.02 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 1465