Okay, so after the destruction that was the last session, I am rested and ready to take another shot at this, probably the last session of the night, and we are going to go down to 3 tables from the 4 in Session #11. I think this should work out well hopefully. Unfortunately, the first hand that I get to share is another bad beat for me when I had A-K vs. Q-8. Queen on the turn, and that was all that. Sick. I think the big thing that I have really noticed is that I am starting to subconsciously try to win every hand, and that is something that was not successful for me in the past. I need to learn to fold hands, and just move on from them. So, I just have to trust myself, because I have noticed that I have tried to chase with a few draws or some hands that have no value, and just have gotten no where with them. After saying that to myself and starting to just relax and let the hands come to me, and start to pick out the appropriate spots, I have started to turn it around, and have turned positive situation for the session. Lucky me. Just need to keep grinding it out. Overall, this session was a lot better. Started to pick up some hands against a particular player, and it worked out very well for me. So, here are the updated stats. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $1.81 profit. HANDS FOR SESSION: 149 CURRENT BANKROLL: $118.89 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 1355