Well, here we ago again, I got my batteries recharged, and another two table session is about to begin. Not a lot of big hands, just making some good plays with a lot of hands. A good hand was I had A-Q off-suit in the BB, and it was limped in about 6 or 7 places, so I made a raise to $0.32, and was able to get everyone out except two players. From that point, the Flop came Q-5-2, and I decided to make another pot bet and was sble to get heads up with someone who shoved on me with A-8 and no draw. Nice. Nothing too huge until a pot where I had A-K off-suit and smooth called a pre-flop raise. From there, the Flop came K-4-2 rainbow, and the pre-flop raiser bet $0.10 into a $0.15 pot. I raised it to $0.40, and he called. The turn came a 10, and he checked, I shoved, and he snap called with K-J. Brick. A-B-C poker ladies and gents, that is all it takes to beat the micro stakes at 2NL. Made a nice little thin value bet on two pair that I hit on the river. I flopped a pair and a flush draw against a short-stacker. (I consider anyone a short-stacker who buys in the for the minimum. In this case, $0.80.) He had built it up a little, but after I limped on the button with 9-7 suited and the button folded, this is when the hand really started. He fired the pot on the Flop, I called, and then it went check-check. The river gave me the two pair, and from there, I felt I had the best hand. He checked, I fired $0.20, and he snap-called and I took that pot down. I was able to get with that same short-stacker, and he shoved all-in for $0.29 and I called with Pocket 4s. He had Pocket Queens, and I was not able to get a 4 on the Flop, Turn, or River. Overall, it was a really good session, and it was something that I have been wanting for a while. it worked out really well. And now for the updated stats. Drumroll please. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $4.13 profit. HANDS FOR SESSION: 131 CURRENT BANKROLL: $121.36 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 1045