Okay, so am deciding right now to just play two tables for the afternoon. Really want to try and zero in on some opponents and see how they actually would play some different. Hopefully this will work out the way that I would like. Was able to start off a session with a player that I had some experience against. I raised pre-flop with A-Q, and then got 3-bet. I called and the Flop came 7-7-5. From here, he bet the pot, and I decided to shove on him. He ended up folding, but I definitely think that his range was very weak against that play. There is a lot of players that really confuse me sometimes, and when they 3-bet with a draw, it is something that would really make me take a backseat and go, "Woah, what are they doing" I had raised pre-flop 3x the BB with K-Q. and I got 3 callers. When the flop came K-J-3, a player before me Donk Bet, and I raised it to $0.34 after the original bet of $0.04. The chaser then immediately min-raised it on me. The original better folded, and then I shoved it on him, and from there, he called with the open-end straight draw, and it went brick brick. Lucky for me. I made a donkey play when I decided to call a 3-Bet after raising with A-9 suited. From there, I decided to play it and try to chase down a draw. Was not a good idea. Lost a decent pot. Another hand that I think I could have folded was that I knew a player was playing tight, but from here, I made it a nice size raise with Pocket Jacks, and got 4-Bet and snap called but another hand, I knew I should have folded it, but it was something that I just couldn't do. Bad play from my part. Other than those three hands, there was not a lot of hands that took place in this session. It was a lot of raise and folds unfortunately, which does happen a lot of the time, but it is something that you need to handle sometimes. Here are the updated stats. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $0.91 profit HANDS FOR SESSION: 97 CURRENT BANKROLL: $117.23 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 914