So, decided to play another session this morning before work. Honestly, I really do feel like I have been playing good, so hopefully it does continue. So,onto some of the key hands of the session. The first big one was when I raised pre-flop with Pocket Queens, and had two callers. The flop comes J-5-6 with two hearts. I lead out for just over the pot, and I get a guy to raise me. I then shove on him, putting him on top pair, and he had exactly that. The board then bricked out , and that was a nice pot. Another pot was when I raised out of the SB with two limpers to $0.12 with Pocket 10s. I get one caller, and the flop comes 5-3-2. I make a pot size bet, and he shoves on top of me. I decide that he might have two big cards, because he has been playing a lot of hands, but he also might have a pair like 6s-Aces. He had exactly the second range, which luckily for me was 8s. Another nice little pot for me. Unfortunately, some times when I play these 4 table sessions, it really does seem like there is one table that I really get stuck deep on for 2NL, and I don't know what it is. I don't think it is bad play, but sometimes I am not sure. Although I really do think that sometimes that it is when i start to chase the nut flush draw, with nothing to back it up. Another nice little pot to where I raised it decently with A-K off-suit, and picked up 3 callers. The flop comes 7-5-3, and one player Donk Bets into me for $0.06 into a $0.50+ pot. One caller after him, and I call. The turn comes a King, and then he bets out again for another $0.06. The other guy calls again, and I decide to shove and try to pick up the pot right here, and hoping that they have hit a a King, or maybe will call with a 7 or flush draw. The original better folded, and the other guy snap called with K-Q. Brick and I pick up a nice pot. Nice little session all in all, definitely had some good hands, but also got lucky in a few spots again, but still feel like I am playing some of the best poker that I have played in forever. Please don't let this ride end. Here are the updated stats. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $4.09 profit HANDS FOR SESSION: 258 CURRENT BANKROLL: $116.32 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 807