Looking back at the first 5 sessions of 2NL, I am reminded of a quote that says, "Don't overstay your welcome." A few times that did happen, and it did cost me a dollar in total probably, but over the first 5 sessions I have made over 4 buy-ins and am currently on my way with only 1 losing session out of them, and it was my longest. Honestly, I know when I should probably take breaks and just relax and go to sleep now, but I think that overall, this is going to be a process. I also think that my tilt factor is getting a little bit better, because I know that the old me would have not done probably well with looking at that Pocket Aces hand, and having the opponent flop two pair on you. It kind of does hurt, but that is the way of poker. You have to know when to take the best of it, and when to take the worst of it. Honestly, I figured that it was going to figure that if every 100 hands I would win a buy-in, which is a little crazy to look at it, it would be 5000 hands to get to the next level of 5NL. And currently looking at that progress, I am just a little bit short right now. I still think that overall it could be something that could happen. So, we will see where the next session is going to take us, and hopefully it will keep taking me up and up and up through the Micro Stakes.