So yeah, I am doing this after basically every time that I play a session, which I consider just anytime that I sit down at the computer, and honestly, it is true, and it is really helping out, because I am really starting to think in depth about a lot of hands that I have played, so hopefully you are all enjoying the thought process that I am sharing with you. So, on to the hands of the session: So, one of the first hands I was able to double-up with A-Q off-suit against 9-8 after a flop of Q-8-2 all clubs, and I had the Ace of clubs. Next hand, I had Pocket Aces, and raised it pre-flop. I get it 3-Bet to me, and I then make it $0.50 more to go, he then min-raises back, and I shove, and he calls with Q-8 off-suit. Unfortunately, he flops two pair on me, and I can never improve, and that was the first big hit that I have had. Made a really bad play in my opinion now in retrospect. Tried to make a squeeze play with A-9 off-suit. Got called by A-K off-suit. Eh, nothing too big. Although just a few moments after that, ran into a set of 8s, that one did hurt. This is not looking good so far. Really starting to lose focus and not playing good, maybe it is time to call this session a wrap, see the damage, and move on from here. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $2.18 loss HANDS FOR SESSION: 184 CURRENT BANKROLL: $108.47 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 375