So, this is the really big session for me now, I decided that it was going to be a long one, and it was. It definitely was something that I really needed, and honestly, it worked out really well. I decided to start out with 4 tables, and we saw how it went from there. Here were some of the key hands: The first key hand came when I limped in with A-10 off-suit in the SB. The flop came 10-10-10, and I led out for a min bet. He called. 3 on the turn, and I made a slightly larger bet. He called. The river came a 5. I bet over the pot at $0.26, and he min-raised. At this point, I put him on a larger pair than 5s, and I shoved, and he called. He had 9s. Another pot was a raise in early position with Pocket Queens, and when it was min 3-Bet back to me, I shoved on the two players still in, and the short stack called with Pocket 10s. He bricked out, and another pot went to me. On one of my tables, I kid you not, for 20 hands straight, I saw a player literally in every pot. His VPIP was at 100, and it was something that I have never seen. Usually you see it for a few hands, but if it gets to 10 hands in a row, usually they bust at that point. This is something that I have never seen before. Had another hand where I raised it pre-flop with A-J suited, and with four players calling, the flop came K-10-4 rainbow, and I checked it to another player who bet the pot, and from there, after a call, I decided to fold. It was a strange spot, because I did have the gut-shot, but I also had a runner-runner flush draw. Just trying to play it close to the vest sometimes. Made a strange play. I was trying to limp into see flops with the guy who had the 100% VPIP, which actually at the end of the session at this table, his stats were 97 VPIP / 77 PFR. INSANE! I decided to limp in with Pocket 8s, and he of course raised it to $0.10. Another Donk, who I had at 67% VPIP call the raise out of the BB. I then made it $0.53, looking to try and stack the Donks off or double up in a coin flip. The 97 folded, but the 67 decided to cal. The flop comes K-8-3 with two clubs, and after some time of deliberation, he shoved on me, and I snap called. He had A-9 off-suit with no club. Wow, it was really interesting, and just another thing that boggles me at the micro stakes. Overall, the session was a very good one, and here are the stats to prove it. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $4.37 profit HANDS FOR SESSION: 137 CURRENT BANKROLL: $110.65 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 291