Okay, so I got home from work today, and decided to hop on before going to workout for a quick session. A lot of the tables today at 2NL were really filling up fast, not sure why that was, but it definitely made for some very entertaining sessions. One hand that I had was a very tricky spot with an UTG raiser who raised it 5x. I made a smooth call with a weaker hand (A-9 off-suit). Flop comes out Q-10-2 rainbow, and he checks. I decide to shove on him, because he has $0.68 and the pot has about $0.20. He snap calls with Pocket Kings, and I hit an Ace on the Turn. Nothing too great there, but that was something that I am really trying to get away. I know that with some of the Micro Stakes players, they definitely like to raise with a lot of different hands, and honestly on that board, there is no way that my hand was good. So it was definitely a Donk play on my behalf, but getting lucky doesn't hurt. Overall, the session was a very quick one, but it did yield a little bit of a profit. Here are the updated totals now. PROFIT/LOSS FOR SESSION: $0.40 profit HANDS FOR SESSION: 37 CURRENT BANKROLL: $103.95 TOTAL HANDS AT 2NL: 94