So, after deciding that I wasn't going to go to University this year, I've found myself lost at home, sitting back watching basically nothing on TV and just being overly bored! 

Whilst this is meant to be a productive year and I'm still kind of studying so I can get into Medicine next year, I've found I have a lot of free time. 

Gambling always kind of interested me, as soon as I turned 18 i opened an online betting account and started punting right away. Luckily I am only a small better, and I only lost $50 all up. My friends later invited me over for a game of poker, I was very familiar with it, but had hardly played and hadn't shown much interest in it either. However, after beating all my friends and winning the lucky prize of $50, I decided I would do some research and see if I could get myself better at poker as I for some reason seemed to be quite alright at the game. 

Anyway, I came along this wonderful site known as Pokerstars, anyway, with work hours declining I didn't have enough money to deposit and play, so I kept studying and grinding through youtube videos and pdf books.

Today I deposited my first amount of money, being only a small better, I came out up $20 up playing the microstakes and also $1 Spin and Go's. 

I will try to remain as active as possible and post all my daily results.


Here is the hand which won my last Spin and Go.