Why is it that there are many poker sites that still allow US players to play and deposit on their site?  Bodog, Cake, Lock, Carbon, Intertops, and there are many more.  PokerStars is being unfairly targeted. The unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) passed in 2008 (which was attached to a “must pass bill” at the last minute) prohibited online gambling companies from accepting bets whereby those bets were in violation of the State and Federal laws. It prohibited financial institutions located on US soil from processing payments to and from these companies. The UIGEA does not say that it’s illegal for US citizens to play. In fact, the bill allows each individual state to come to its own conclusions of whether online gambling is legal or illegal within that state.  The World Trade Organization (WTO) has ruled that the US government is violating International Trade Laws.  Here is a good article explaining the ruling:


I hope that PokerStars fights this unlawful act that the US government is conducting.  PokerStars is a top notch company that does it right. It is a legitimate company who has been targeted unfairly to compete with other sites.   PokerStars is more than a virtual poker card playing site:  It provides an educational component in improving one’s ability to play poker (i.e. Poker School Online, educational videos, Live Training and Courses, etc.), a community and social meeting place through regular play money and real money games and Home Games, and I could go on about PokerStars innovative and professional product that they offer.  No other site is like PokerStars.  I would hope that PokerStars will soon allow US players to play money games with existing accounts.   I hope that the US players stand up for PokerStars and have their concerns heard by their representatives.