Well since my last post where I placed in 2 of 4 (no final tables yet, 30 something and 50 something) I missed the cut  in the last 2, both of which I was in good shape and blew it.  So I decided to take a break yesterday to hopefully curb my more than usually aggression on marginal situations.  

 This morning I woke up feeling a bit more like myself and decided to go ahead and register, funny enough I completely forgot I had and when I checked it I had been blinded  down to 350 in chips.  While this obvously sucked a funny/interesting result occured. 

  I glanced at my placing and was sitting at 7xx of around 1400.  While obviously you can't wait this long to play a hand it does show/solidify that waiting and picking your spots creates a successfull situation where if a couple things go your way and you pick up those blinds when you can you have an opportunity to go deep into a tourney.

 After that failed attempted I signed up for another one and ended up placing I think 84th or so.  While 84th doesn't sound Incredible it was out of 1800+ which was the largest field i've played with.

next up...Why bad beats are a pathetic excuse to blame for your tournament results.