let the students to have failed, here to say sorry. This evening to calm yourself down, write a summary and plan.
In late October to November, is a very bad a day, network in a share of the vicious circle of surface, and I know the underdog half factor is I to its own condition, so, the whole November, I spent most of my time didn't play network, but in line and friends play entertainment innings, adjust the rest primarily.
November is a bad one month, whether it be work or life, the mood also is very bad, 24, went to macau, last night to get back home. Five days in macau, the scene of long time fight, let my state and no mood

BTW: interstellar waiter is beautiful oh, because there are a lot of students in the weekend to poker king club part-time, so there will be a lot of beautiful younger sister students

Money, five days also small have profit, cash game profits more than 10000 HKD, and the new PuJing game and the SNG playing very bad star, lost about 5000 HKD, so about 6000 around HKD profits. Although little profit, but let his own field level and experience and increase some, also to realize how many of the deficiencies, need to improve. And I think the most taboo play is that under the condition of hard to play CARDS, three times, I am because of poor body condition, make profit shrunk dramatically.
The next 12 months, I will return to the network, to return to BBS, and everybody many exchanges ?