Hi ev1, my name is Julien, 31years old, i'm french, and yes i take showers everyday and no i don't eat frogs or snails!! Ok, today is 11/07/2010, decided to play winning poker, here s what s happening, been playing for 3 years or so, started cash, small stakes tournaments cash games late 2008, invested very little money, maybe 500$ or so maybe a little more, should of kept some kind of statistics! and i just lost everything again!!! went on tilt!!! always the same thing can t seem to quit when i m losing!! so i m going to start meditating or something!! i ve read a few books, learnt the basics intermediate stuff and some advance playing to, playing poker when you re getting the cards is easy, now it s a whole different ball game when you re getting nothing nada 0 zilch really bad cards. From now on i m going to practice on playing with bad cards, going to tighten up my game, read those books again and again, oh yeah and try to stay as far away from TILTING as possible if that s the case going leave some ice nearby to cool off if it happens. Oh i just received a ticket from PSO, for completing the core course with 100% lets see how that goes. Will reload for a 100$ next week, and hope i can get passed the 200$ mark and aiming always higher without crashing ugly all at once, like i did last week.