So I played in a satellite last night for the Halloween $1,000,000, and ended up in 6th place, didn't qualify but I have a very solid tournament and lost with a strong hand, so I don't feel so bad about that. I'm just extremely happy that I played well, and got as deep into the tournament as I did. Had it been a cash event, I'd have cashed on some good money. But on the flip side, I played in a satellite today for the sunday $250,000, and got 1st/300. Top 3 gained entry, and I was chip leader when the table was closed. Definitely a good feeling there! Hopefully I play as strong on sunday as I did in this tournament. Time for some more PSO tournaments today! PSO and a lot of the players have been a big help in getting poker math down pat. Even though I'm still always working on improving, I hope to see plenty more of events go this way.