Well, tonight was definitely a rush. Played EXTREMELY well throughout the satellite. Didn't catch a lot of great hands tonight though, but definitely won with the monster and strong hands I was given for hole cards. I only won 8 hands before hitting ante levels, but the pots I won were great, and well played, and I don't recall losing a hand I had committed to after seeing a flop, other than two. Tonight has definitely shown me that my skill level has been improving, even though it was only a low entry satellite for a money tournament. Now if I could just do the same in the PSO League I'd be feeling a little better, but for some unknown reason I don't seem to get hardly any good hole cards there. Dunno why, maybe just a bad stretch there. I have also reinterated to myself about the way bad beats go. I played in a PSO League Tournament earlier and dropped out fairly quickly, losing all in at level 2 with a good strong hand to a donkey with a very weak hand. This satellite definitely helped me get off the slight tilt that I was on. Not bad enough to need to walk away, but enough to make me focus harder. My playing environment between the two tournaments changed a lot though, as my PSO Tournament was when people were up, making noise, kids screamin around me, and my satellite was later when everybody except for Tracy and I were up. I think I about gave her a heart attack with some of my calls because she wanted me to win so badly, lol! Tomorrow will be a day to play quite a lot of extra satellites and get in on a lot of the PSO League Tournaments. Two days off, nothing else going on, nobody around to bother me except Tracy who enjoys watching and learning as well. Time to play some cards!! Tournament started 2010/10/05 20:41:00 CT [2010/10/05 21:41:00 ET] Tournament finished 2010/10/05 22:45:02 CT [2010/10/05 23:45:02 ET] 1: philip2222 (Rutland ), (qualified for the target tournament) 2: toroweed (medellin), (qualified for the target tournament) 3: FIVE555FIVE (ESCONDIDO), 4: Vinaròs (Vinaròs), 5: delioipa (Ipatinga), 6: XeiLioN (Odessa),