As you all probably know, the micromillions event has started, which is a great way for players with a micro bankroll to play some big tournaments. I played 3 events so far, a $1+rebuy, a 2.2$+rebuy, in both I did not manage to cash unfortunately.
However, Yesterday I played event 22, which was a $11 nl holdem tournament with a 75k guarantee. The final prize pool was about 164k. I got into the tournament by a $4 satellite.
So anyway, before this tournament, I didn't really expect too much, I was hoping to play well and hopefully make the money. Things went better than expected. at the first break I had 8k chips (compared to 5000 starting chips) and at the second break 16k. I didn't play like an idiot, which I very often do, and I just folded the marginal hands I often decide to play. However, I lost some hands after the second break and at the third break I had just under 10k. 
Things turned around when I picked up pocket 8's. I decided to raise preflop with 3x the big blind. 1 person called and the flop was J Q 8, making my set. I continued betting half the pot, and the other player shoved, and I called. he had Q 6. the turn and the river were K J, so I hit a full house on the river, making my double up to 20k.
shortly after that I doubled up again with AJ against pocket 10's. And a couple of hands after that a short stacked shoved with A 6, I called with pocket J's, giving me another large pot. This gave me a chip count of 75k.
Shortly after that the bubble burst (which was at 2250 players left), so I was already very satisfied with my result, but I wanted to win as much as possible of course
In the end, I finished at 484th place, which made me $51,14, not bad for the $4 I put into it.
This cash has definitely made me excited to play more micromillions events and I will definitely play some more when I have the time, hoping to get some more nice cashes.