If I look at my tournament winnings graph from after my victory in a 90 man 50 cent turbo, it's been pretty much downwards, except from a few bumps. Today that changed. I enrolled in a 25 cent 45 man sit & go and I was really planning to keep in mind the mistakes that I've made over the past week and just not to play as stupidly as I sometimes do.
And it paid off. The hands that I should fold, I folded. Lost some chips sometimes just because some other guy had better cards but in the most hands that I played I managed to increase my stack. Because of this I was in the top 10 stacks almost the whole tournament. When the final table came however, I hadn't caught a good hand in a while and I lost some hands, so I was in last place. Something had to be done with a little over 10 BB's left.
I decided to shove with 10 9 suited (spades). 2 people called, 1 with 3 8 suited (spades as well) and someone with A J suited (diamonds), which didn't really look good preflop. The Flop was K (diamonds) 5 (spades) 7 (hearts), which made me even more pessimistic about surviving in the tournament. The turn was the Jack of clubs. But I got very lucky when the river was a queen of diamonds, making my straight, and tripling my money. Someone called me a donkey after this, which was fair enough, because the river did save me and I didn't really have a great hand to start with. But sometimes you have to be lucky.
So this was basically the only hand I played recklessly. After this I just proceeded, won 1 more big pot with pocket aces, getting a set on the flop. A guy with JJ went all in and lost to my aces.
Then it came to the final 3, with 2 players who had been playing really tight. So I decided to put on a lot of aggression preflop, raising almost every hand preflop, stealing a lot of blinds. However, when one of them went all in with pocket Kings and I called with AQ, I lost a big chunk of my stack. I managed to win some of that back continuing my aggressive preflop play. Then one of them went all in, the other guy called, which the bigger stack won, so there were only 2 left. 
In the end I lost heads up, so I finished 2nd in the tournament, which meant I won $2,22, net profit $1,97, not bad at all. 
So that was it for my blog so far, good luck at the tables everyone